At Ongarato Bespoke Lighting we understand that every hotel is different and deserves to be lit in a different way. Whether it’s the opulence of luxury resorts or the exclusivity of boutique accommodation, our team works closely with hoteliers, architects and designers to create bespoke lighting solutions that exceed expectations. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and personalised service, Ongarato Bespoke Lighting is your trusted partner in illuminating hospitality spaces with unparalleled brilliance and sophistication.

Hotel Blantyre


Hotel Premier

Abano Terme

Waldorf Astoria


Hotel Mioni Pezzato

Abano Terme

Hotel President

Abano Terme

Hotel Harry's Garden

Abano Terme

Hotel Ma&Ma Resort

La Maddalena

Ongarato Bespoke Lighting

Crafting, producting and delivering superior hight quality lighting designs

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